EMPLOYEES: What to Do in Case of Power Shutoffs

PG&E has announced the possibility of Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) this week. Here is what the District is doing to prepare, as well as guidelines for what to do if you lose power.

In the event of a power shutoff, online classes and meetings should continue as scheduled, but you should have a plan for how to reach your dean or supervisor if you lose power. Let them know what is going on. Instructors, deans, and supervisors are asked to make every effort to be flexible and understanding with anyone who is unable teach, learn or work due to a power shutoff.

Online classes
Online classes will continue as scheduled in the event of a PSPS. For detailed guidance on handling a PSPS, please see the District Academic Senate Guidance Statement on Major Power Outages.

Offices and meetings
Employees working from home should continue to do so as long as they have power. All meetings will continue unless announced otherwise by the meeting host.

Campus Procedures
The District communicates daily with PG&E and will have advance notice of any planned outages at any District campus or the District Office. If/when PG&E notifies the District of an upcoming outage, the District may close the affected location as a safety precaution. In the event of a power shutdown on a campus, face-to-face classes and all other campus operations will be closed. Some essential employees may still be required to come to work to preserve campus safety and facilities.

The District will notify students and employees of any campus closures. Updates will be posted at emergency.smccd.info.

What to Do in Advance of a PSPS

  • Make sure your dean or supervisor has your cell phone number.
  • Instructors and offices should create a phone tree in order to contact people during a power shutdown.
  • If you live in an affected area, notify everyone at the beginning of your classes/meetings that you could lose power.
  • Charge your phone and devices in advance.

What to Do if You Lose Power

  • Email or text your dean or supervisor to let them know.
  • Instructors should notify students on Canvas and encourage students to check in with their classmates.
  • If you are a meeting host, call or text a colleague in the meeting to let them know you lost power and that the meeting will be rescheduled.
  • If you are a meeting participant, email or text the meeting host to let them know you lost power and make arrangements to follow up when you have power.

Above all, please take care of yourself and others who are experiencing hardships due to a power shutoff. Please use patience and flexibility to allow students to complete course requirements, and to allow employees to complete their work.

Monitor updates at emergency.smccd.info.