Support for Our International Students from Myanmar

March 15, 2021

Dear SMCCCD Faculty and Staff: 

As you may be aware, the escalating political and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar continues to create severe hardships, uncertainty and fear for the people who live there. You may also be aware that our District currently enrolls more than 50 students from Myanmar and has long had students from that country enrolled at our colleges as part of our International Student Program. Most of the current students had returned to Myanmar due to the pandemic and are continuing their education online. Due to the military coup and subsequent crackdown on civilians, students there may experience power outages, prolonged interruptions in internet service, access to financial institutions or other disruptions to daily life. 

If you have any students from Myanmar in your class or in your program, please recognize the extreme situation they find themselves in and extend to them all the patience and flexibility they need to continue their studies with us. They are facing great hardships, possibly even issues relating to their own personal safety. As a District committed to student success and social justice, we are encouraging compassion in supporting these students.

If you know of a student from Myanmar who is in need of guidance or support, please contact your college International Students Program (see contact info below). The ISP program staff have contacted our Myanmar students personally and have reached out to their instructors. ISP staff will maintain regular contact with these students to offer support and help to address issues, and can offer support and guidance to faculty and staff if issues arise.

Our District continues its commitment to global learning. Our students from Myanmar are an important  part of the college communities and District family. Please do whatever you can to help support these students as they face this challenge in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic. 

With gratitude, 

Mike Claire, Chancellor
Kim Lopez, Interim President, College of San Mateo
Jamillah Moore, President, Cañada College 
Melissa Moreno, President, Skyline College 
Aaron McVean, Vice Chancellor, Educational Services and Planning
Jing Luan, Provost, International Education

International Students Program Offices: 
Cañada College
College of San Mateo
Skyline College