Worried About Zoom Bombing? Download Zoom 5.0!

Zoom has released new security features on its latest update:

1. Quick reporting for Zoombombing. There have been reports of trolls crashing Zoom video calls. Should a host need to deal with this issue, Zoom has made it easier to boot out unwanted invaders with a new “report user” button.

2. Easy navigation. The Zoom 5.0 update will optimize its user interface so hosts no longer have to rummage through the site to find security options. Zoom will now feature a new easy-access button on the host’s meeting menu bar. You can use it to lock meetings, restrict screen sharing and remove participants.

3. Default waiting room. The existing waiting room feature on Zoom allows hosts to keep guests in a virtual waiting room. When a guest enters the waiting room, the host is then notified and prompted to approve him or her. This feature will now be on by default.

4. Default meeting passwords. Generating a password for guests to enter a Zoom call will now be a default feature on the video conferencing platform. Accessing recorded meetings on the cloud will also require a password by default.

5Shrouding your notifications. With the Zoom 5.0 update, hosts can opt to veil their Zoom Chat notifications from nosey participants.

6. 256-bit AES-GCM encryption. In layman’s terms, this means Zoom will encrypt your data with a 256-bit key to prevent internet intruders from deciphering your personal information. The means your data in cloud will be even more secure.

7. Manage Participants. change the settings so that only people who are signed-in to their account with the email they were invited to the call through can join the call.

8. Lock Meetings. Lock the meeting after everyone you want there is there, that way no new people can join.

9. File Transfers. Turn off file transfers, private chat & annotations.

Remember as the host you can disable the camera & mute certain participants, permanently or temporarily if needed, you can also remove them. Using Waiting room feature to help control who comes & who goes, don’t let unexpected guest in. 

Additional information about the new version can be found here.