March 27th Flex Day Clarification for Classified Staff

This is to provide clarification on questions that have come up from classified staff regarding the March 27 Flex Day that was identified in the academic calendar. For classified staff, March 27 should be considered a regular workday and a flexible day depending on what is needed to occur in your respective area.  

We do not have any official Flex Day activities scheduled for Friday, as we usually would for classified staff to engage with. However, individual offices and divisions have identified critical professional development and training opportunities for classified staff that are designed to help this transition to a remote work situation and an online student support services reality. This is essential and appropriate work to engage in. 

Classified staff should work with their supervisor to determine how best to use Friday, March 27 to continue to provide essential support for students and maintain essential business processes. We are in an unprecedented time and we will undoubtedly need to continue to adapt to this rapidly evolving situation.

We appreciate your understanding, your commitment to providing essential services to students, colleagues, and our communities. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and support each other.